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Review by Steve H. in Old Hickory, TN

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold


Comments: The owner Victor Griffith came out to give me an estimate to remove the mold, when he walked in my basement the first thing he said was " That's not mold it is Efflorescence. He explained that it comes from the moisture from the ground is pushing chemicals from my block through. and took me out to the back of my house and explained how yo stop it. after he explained my problem we talked a bit . I ask him how much I owed him, No Charge, I said it was worth something for your trip and good news, He said No Charge.. You just don't get that these days, an honest person that is willing to give you his time. And did I mention that another company came out and give me a $1900 estimate, and I even ask him what the white stuff was, he said it could be mildew, not sure, Thank you Victor



Review by Von D. in Soddy Daisy, TN

Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold


Comments: After contacting 2 other companies that gave exorbitant prices, without even seeing the affected area, I contacted Breathe Easy on Home Advisor. Victor (the owner) called and came out the next day to inspect. He quickly determined that the mold was caused by moisture from the hvac ducts. He told me that I didn’t need his services but I could remedy the problem by painting over it with Kilz followed by a paint containing an Antimicrobial solution. I quickly found the paint on the web and will do the job soon. Victor would not accept any money for coming out to inspect. Where in today’s world can you find someone who is truly honest!! I would highly recommend Victor and his company. Honesty is priceless!!


Review by Dewayne M. in Signal Mountain, TN

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold


Comments: Breathe Easy did an excellent job. May not have been the cheapest but the quality of the work, individuals providing the service and the professionalism in making sure the job was done correctly are among the reasons I would use them if I ever had a reoccurrence - hopefully never - of this issue due to unknown water intrusion. My wife and I would highly recommend Victor, Derrick, Reagan, Paul, and all the crew.


Review by Jay O. in Oak Ridge, TN

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold


Comments: They did not do any work on my houses because after inspecting them they said there is nothing for them to do. They spent about 20 minutes in each house checking everywhere. They were honest enough to say that there was no work for them to do. This is the kind of honesty you hope for in a contractor. This company is different. Use them.


Review by Debra R. in Kingston, TN

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold


Comments: Breathe Easy was incredible! I'd been told by a mold inspector that we had a problem, but Breathe Easy came out, thoroughly examined the area and asked enough questions to get down to the heart of the matter which turned out to be NO mold problem at all! Their honesty and competent service saved us a great deal of money!


Review by Karen F. in Knoxville, TN

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold


Comments: I waited a couple of weeks to write my review. I wanted to make sure that I saw no residual mold "pop" up. Victor came and inspected the area I needed cleaned from a leaking chimney. He went a step further and inspected the rest of the house and found some surface mold in one room of my basement. The estimate was Very Reasonable! The workers came the next day and fully encapsulated both the main room (and the den downstairs) and removed the moldy sheetrock and some of the 2x4s and the old carpet. They cleaned and sanitized everything that was left. They were very professional and courteous. I pray I never have another mold issue but if I ever do I will not hesitate to call this company again!! If you have a mold issue, call Victor and have him come and give you an estimate, you won't be sorry...


Review by Mike A. in Franklin, TN

Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold


Comments: i contacted breath easy after a contractor informed me I very likely have a serious mold issue that would cost over $7,000 to repair. I knew I needed a second opinion. In came Victor with breath easy. Victor was prompt, professional, very knowledgable to name a few qualities. His technical equipment was clearly of the highest caliber and he kindly walked me through his process demonstrating what he was testing and how, providing me with the confidence a customer looks for on such a potentially hazardous concern anyone would have for their home and those who live there. the good news for us was that he did not find any mold where another contractor was ready to rip out our entire bathroom, disturb our lives and create a significant financial burden on our family.Thank you Victor !